I spend some time working on artistic projects - generally linked to artificial intelligence, and digital creativity.

Artificial Forger (2022): a collection of sentences, and their corresponding images, created by Deep Learning models (sentences written by GPT-2, correspondence in image by CLIP + Guided Diffusion). A reflection on the visual representations of the web learned by AI - between kitsch and censorship.

Dreamy Cops (2021): a reflection on the ethical consequences of Artificial Intelligence - in its use for mass surveillance in public spaces. Selected at the 2021 Computer Vision Art Gallery. Created with Mathieu Rita. Please see here for more details.

Les Rondes (2019): a scenography project dealing with the notion of obsession - using cameras and screen devices. Created with Juliette Kaminski & Charlotte Peter. Please see here for more details (in French).

Welcome To My Website! (2018): a random journey in the (vanishing) world of personal webpages. Inspired by Astronaut.io. Created with Tristan Stérin. Please test it here.

Juliette (2019).